Whisper Wake: The Silent Alarm That Makes You A Morning Person

Whisper Wake is a silent, wearable alarm that allows you to wake up on time reliably without hitting snooze, being late for work, or disturbing your partner.

Never oversleep again, feel refreshed every morning and stop subjecting your partner to annoying alarms.

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Change Your Mornings.
Change Your Life.

Snoozing is an incredibly hard habit to overcome.

In the morning, nothing in the world seems better than just 5-10 more minutes of sleep. This habit turns into an entire morning wasted, leaving you unrested, groggy, and mildly stressed out for the rest of the day.

This is why we made Whisper Wake. It's more than an alarm. It's a wearable device that will train your brain to wake up on time every morning, effortlessly.

Wake Up Refreshed and On Time.

Using smart sensor technology, Whisper Wake knows your sleep cycles  — and gently wakes you up in your lightest stage of sleep — with a vibration on your wrist. Instead of waking up groggy and tired, you'll wake up gently and at the perfect time.

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Become A Morning Person

Anyone can become a morning person. And thousands already have, with the Whisper Wake. Now it’s up to you. Keep snoozing, or wake up.

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Easy To Use.
Simple to Pair.
Comfortable to Wear.

Just pair your Whisper Wake with the alarm clock app and put it on before you go to sleep. We'll do the rest.

The smart sleep tracking technology in the device gives you insight into how much rest you're getting each night.

The silent alarm includes six wake up modes to fit your preferences. Use vibration, beep, electric stimuli or combinations of all three.

Advanced Wake Up "Guarantees" For Heavy Sleepers

Heavy sleeper? We've got you covered.

The Whisper Wake isn't just designed to get you up — it's designed to keep you up. Advanced features like our Jumping Jacks Alarm and QR Code Alarm force you to get out of bed and perform an action in order to turn the alarm off.

You'll never hit snooze again!

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Meet The Early Risers

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Louis Weisz

Whisper Wake is one of the most essential parts of my daily life. As a result of Whisper Wake I’ve gone from being a scrub to waking up at 7:20am every single day without fail. So yeah, it’s powerful.

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Daniel DiPiazza

Whisper Wake gets me up every morning without ever needing to feel the "zap." My brain has literally re-wired itself to wake up on time, before my alarm. I never thought I'd be a morning person. Now, I wake up feeling rested and refreshed. It's really cool!

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Dave Rogenmoser

I tried a lot of things to form new habits and break old habits. When I got Whisper Wake, I was really impressed with the quality. I started using the little alarm system that helps to wake you up. After doing that for 30 days I woke up more consistently than I ever have in my life. Love it.

Become A Morning Person

Anyone can become a morning person. And thousands already have, with the Whisper Wake. Now it’s up to you. Keep snoozing, or wake up.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Whisper Wake Work?
How Does Whisper Wake Change My Behavior?
What Comes In The Box?

Our Unbeatable 180-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Whisper Wake comes with a a 180-day money back guarantee. That’s right. Six months to try the product out, and make sure it’s right for you.

What if you’re one of the thousands of our users who uses the product, changes the habit, and doesn’t need the device anymore to wake up?

You can send it back for a full refund, any time in the first six months.

And on top of that, we have a 1-year warranty. If the product breaks for any reason — even if it’s your fault — just send back the unit within one year of purchase for a replacement.