Wakes You Up When Nothing Else Will

Shock Clock Uses 3 Separate Stimuli for a Guaranteed Wake Up

Change Your Mornings

The Shock Clock Experience

First, it vibrates

Your Shock Clock will silently vibrate when it's time for you to wake up.  Paired with our sleep tracking, it's a perfect way to wake up without disturbing those around you.

Then, it beeps.

If a vibration isn't enough to get you out of bed, your Shock Clock will start to beep.  The alarm will cycle between these two stimuli until you're out of bed and ready to wake up.

Finally, feel a shock.

For the heaviest sleepers, when a vibration and beep isn't enough you'll feel a small shock.  The stimulus gets your adrenaline pumping and you out of bed.  This is an optional feature and will only go off if you enable it.

Wake Up With Jumping Jacks

More than half (57%) of Americans are snoozers, according to a study by French tech firm Withings, with results showing we spend a total of 3.5 months of our lives hitting the snooze button.

If you enable it, Shock Clock will only shut off through jumping jacks.  It forces you to get out of bed and start jumping.

Our proprietary motion tracking can tell when you're cheating and won't shut off until you're actually jumping.

Let your better half get some sleep

Shock Clock is also ideal for partners on different sleep schedules, whether it is for work, a new born baby or something else.

Because Shock Clock is silent, you can get up on time, without waking up your entire house. 

The easiest morning you've ever had.

A study found that 76% of Americans wake up abruptly in the morning with the loud sound of an alarm clock, smartphone, or other electronic device. A majority of respondents (79%) said a bad wake up experience can ruin their day.

Shock Clock provides a smooth and silent way to wake up that leaves you feeling refreshed.


The past 30+ years alarm clocks have not worked for me, no matter how much sleep, it was always hard to get started. This, for me, is not a watch, but a wrist worn alarm clock, and it works! I'm now getting up at 5:15am regularly for the gym and actually having a routine for once!

Finally!! a way to wake up without disrupting everyone else.

I love my Shock Clock -- it's been the most effective alarm clock I've ever used. I used to ignore alarms or stay lying in bed afterwards, scrolling through my phone for another half hour. Now with the risk of a zap, I'm up and on my feet right away to start the day. I'm still meaning to check out its other capabilities and coaching options, but it's already been totally worth the purchase!

Ready to Start Waking Up Quietly?

Try out Shock Clock and change your wake up routine forever. Stop waking up your partner and wake up QUIETLY.