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Shock Clock is Guaranteed to Wake you Up silently and refreshed.

Unboxed and Ready in under 5 Minutes

Getting started with Shock Clock is easy. The box includes the wristband, the module, and the charging cable. Modules come ~50% charged, but we recommend plugging it into the cable for an hour before setting it up. A single charge lasts for around ten days.

Shock Clock is designed to help you enjoy simpler, better mornings. No more losing life to the snooze button, and no more bothering your partner or roommates with the incessant sound.

Shock Clock is here to help you win back your mornings, and take control of your day!


What is included?

Shock Clock is a wearable alarm clock + app that 1) helps you get to bed 2) gets you out of bed, and 3) helps you form a consistent, productive morning routine.

When you order the device, you'll receive a wristband, a module and a charging cable. Insert the module into the wristband, and you can strap it on your wrist like any standard wristwatch.

Download the Shock Clock app from the Google Play or Apple App Store, and you'll be able to set it up.


How does Shock Clock wake me up?

Shock Clock has three stimuli that are able to wake you up. 

First, it can vibrate gently on your wrist.

Second, Shock Clock can beep audibly.

Third, and optionally, Shock Clock can release silent safe electric impulses that trigger you to wake up. It feels like someone is tapping you awake.

In the app, you can choose which stimuli you want, and in which order.


How does Shock Clock wake me up in light sleep?

Inside of Shock Clock is a special sensor that detects when you are in light sleep and deep sleep.

In the app, you can add the time you want to wake up. By default, the device will wake you up at exactly the time you program in.

If you check the Light Sleep option, the device will wake you up in your lightest stage of sleep. The device will start tracking 20 minutes before the set alarm time. If you are in light sleep any time before the programmed in time, the device will wake you up. Otherwise, you'll wake up at the programmed time.



What if I'm a heavy sleeper?

Shock Clock was specially designed to help heavy sleepers wake up with our Wake-Up Guarantees.

  • The Jumping Jack Wake Up: select this feature and the ShockClock won’t turn off until you do a set of jumping jacks.
  • QR Code Wake Up: print out a specialized QR code and stick it on your fridge. The Shock Clock won’t turn off until you walk to the fridge and scan the code.
  • The “Zap” Wake Up: The Shock Clock will emit safe electrical impulses to wake you up. Try to snooze through that!