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Shock Clock 2

Gets you the f#$% out of bed.



Click the Play icon to see how Shock Clock 2 will help you wake up, effortlessly, without hitting snooze!

Snooze Addict?

You’ll Never Hit Snooze Again.

How it Works

Put on Shock Clock 2 before you go to bed.

Customize your alarm in the app.

Wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the day.

Shock not enough for you?

Shock Clock 2 can make you do jumping jacks.

(and won't turn off until you do them)

It works. Don’t believe us?

"I love my Pavlok-- it's been the most effective alarm clock I ever used."

" I feel like I'm getting much better sleep considering I'm not a groggy mess hitting snooze for an hour to two hours. It's incredible!"

"I highly recommend this alarm for anyone that is a deep sleeper like I am who needs a good jolt to get them out of bed without waking the neighborhood."

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You won’t hate it

but if you do…

Return for a full refund, for any reason, for 180 days.

Return your device any time for any reason within the first 180 days. Just message our team.



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